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(See a list with herbal adaptogens below the article)

Take care of your muscles after workouts
In your workout center, crossing a 45 minute intense exercise session makes it crucial for you to refuel your muscles with essential nutrients as they are in need of recovery from their awesome state. If you compromise at this stage, it is just going to be detrimental to your health. Instead, undergo your workout session to less than forty five min at the maximum.
Recent scientific researches establish that endurance workouts like marathon training may cause noteworthy affect to one’s heart and even may be life threatening if proper recovery of heart muscles including arteries, coronary artery is not maintained.

Recover your muscles
Allow your body to recover before you go for another session. Post-workout indicates you to intake adequate nutrients and fluid, which is 100% essential.
Protein is the most vital nutrient that can help in the recovery of your muscles and endurance significantly and instantly after your workout session is over. In fact, the exhausted and broken-down body muscles require urgent support of amino acids for their reformation. You can intake protein in any form including a tonic.
As you burn up the muscles glycogen during your exercise, this storage of unit of CARBS needs instant support.
CRETINE is smart enough to take care of your muscles as they are in shortage of nutrients after your workouts.
BCAAS or Branched Chain Amino Acids are significant for muscle reformation and growth.

If you are not aware of this excellent group of herbal supplements that enhance the strength of your adrenal system, just note that Adaptogens are recognized as the chargers to hormones when you are exhausted. They strengthen your physical status to trauma and increase its capability to deal with fatigue slowly but steadily without crashing.  The adaptogens perform simultaneously by cooling your down and boosting your endurance. By sustaining your adrenal function, they neutralize the undesirable effects of trauma.  
The adaptogens are amazing herbal supplements that support each of your body cells to gain extra endurance and staying power while they contribute a lot to eliminate toxic byproducts brought during metabolic process and assist you to have more oxygen. You can get adaotigens supplements in tonic form. Some excellent and most preferred adaptogens are as follows.

Asian Ginseng
Asian Ginseng is top demanding therapeutic plants and herbal supplements that energize individual body cell and help to withstand trauma. According to western herbalists, it can restore the immune response, offer longevity and well-being.

Preferred for over thousands of years, Ashwagandha is still one of the unbeatable herbal supplements that support our body to gain vitality, endurance and stamina. It strengthens our immune system while people suffer from insomnia, impotence, HPB, chronic fatigue syndrome apart from sex trauma are being treated with its herbal medications.

Rhodiola Rosea
The herb works excellent to calm down one of our chief stress hormones cortisol. It has a remarkable capability to sustain cellular energy metabolism that affects brain function and cardiac health.

Eleuthero is widely used for muscle spasms, insomnia, trauma, and fatigue. In Germany, this herb is widely accepted to cure people having chronic fatigue syndrome, weakened concentration and for recovering after illness.

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  1. VemoHerb Rhodiola Rosea (90 caps)

    € 20,50

    Estratto secco di Rhodiola rosea


     l’aumento dell’energia dell’organismo
     il miglioramento della forma fisica e nelle prestazioni sportive
     l’adattabilità fisiologica all’ambiente
     le funzioni mentali




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  2. VemoHerb Ecdysterone (90 caps)

    € 29,90

    Aumenta estremamente la sintesi proteica, la crescita muscolare, la forza, la resistenza

     L’accumulo veloce di massa muscolare e forza
     Lo stimolo della sintesi proteica
     La resistenza, i riflessi e le condizioni degli sportivi
     Carichi pesanti fisici e psichici di sportivi e praticanti lo sport, per eliminazione dei sintomi di nevrosi per esaurimento e per aumento della resistenza dell’organismo a sovraccarichi
     Veloce tendenza allo stancarsi
     Convalescenza degli sportivi dopo trauma e gravi malattie

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  3. VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus (POWDER - 30 g)

    € 30,90

    Aumenta estremamente la forza, la crescita muscolare, la libido

     Аumentare la forza e la crescita muscolare
    No capsules, no fillers - just pure dry extract (bitter taste)
     Аumentare la potenza sessuale
     Stimolare la riproduzione naturale degli ormoni sessuali
     Aumentare le forze energetiche negli allenamenti quotidiani
     eliminare le tossine prodotte durante l’attività fisica
     Ridurre la quantità dei grassi
     Aumentare la massa muscolare  

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  4. VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus (90 Caps)

    € 26,90

    Aumenta estremamente la forza, la crescita muscolare, la potenza, la libido

     Aumentare la forza e la crescita muscolare
     Aumentare la potenza sessuale
     Stimolare la riproduzione naturale degli ormoni sessuali
     Aumentare le forze energetiche negli allenamenti quotidiani
     Eliminare le tossine prodotte durante l’attività fisica
     Ridurre la quantità dei grassi
     Aumentare la massa muscolare

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  5. VemoHerb Armageddon

    € 34,90



     Effetto senza limiti




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  6. VemoHerb VeganPro

    € 43,90

     Al 100% naturale

     Un’unica proteina vegana a base di fonti completamente vegetali

     Un aminoacido paragonabile con quello delle proteine del siero di latte

     I 21.6 grammi di pura proteina concentrata in ogni dose

     Aminoacidi ramificati aggiunti (BCAAs) e L-glutammina per aumentare la forza muscolare e l’energia

     Estratto ad alta concentrazione di leuzea (il 95% di ecdisterone) per aiutare la sintesi proteica

     Ipoallergenico! Senza latticini, uova, arachidi, frutta a guscio, pesce, cozze, frumento, glutine, lievito, dolcificanti artificiali

     Senza lattosio

     Senza colesterolo

     Senza conservanti

     Basso carico glicemico

     Solo 110 chilocalorie in ogni dose

     Un gusto unico

     Facilmente mescolabile

     Privo di sostanze vietate dall’Agenzia mondiale antidoping (WADA)

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  7. VemoHerb Bulgarian Tribulus Drink

    € 31,99

    Bevanda solubile all’estratto di Denti della nonna, al gusto di mirtillo

     Possiede un effetto immediato tonificante ed energizzante
     È adatta alla stanchezza fisica e mentale
     Aiuta l’accumulo di pura massa muscolare, aumenta la forza e l’energia in caso di regolari allenamenti
     Ha un effetto benefico sulle funzioni della ghiandola prostatica e sulle condizioni fisiologiche generali dell’organismo
     Aiuta per stimolare la capacità sessuale umana e la libido di entrambi i sessi
     Sostiene le condizioni normali dell’organismo femminile nel periodo della menopausa

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