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Psico-emotivo equilibrio / Depressione / Nervosismo

The comprehensive issues concerning psychotherapist healing
These days, numbers of people visit the psycho-therapy centers in search of energy or liveliness medicine. As evaluated by experts, the majority of them are the unfortunate victims of a series of recurring psycho-emotional disorders.

Psycho-emotional disorders
An energy therapist employs his/her knowledge and expertise to treat the psychological issues of the client. Meanwhile, the therapist tries to bring out the emotional issues involved, which gives an overall picture and is evaluated later with a view for a long time treatment. In this context, numbers of traditional psychotherapist use knowledge of chakra theory of psycho-emotional balance.  The therapeutic process may involve numbers of sequential processes including emotional recounting, de-layering, and conversion of previous and current physical as well as emotional grounds to reach a concluding point. The therapy process is established useful to alleviate disorders related to physical conditions having emotional issues underlying.
The successful areas include anxiety, chronic pain, night terrors, phobias compulsive behaviors, confusion, hyper-vigilance, childhood traumas and so on. The psycho-emotional balance therapy procedure can be employed as a stand-alone process and balancing healing can elevate the restorative system effectively. The overall view of psycho-emotional balance curative process is to harmonize health and sensation and to make it a successful process within a few sessions.
The greatest attribute of the psycho-emotional balance is offering a series of healing methods and approaches including exercise, education, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and soft tissue release. Physiotherapy can support an individual wonderfully through advanced pain management based on their physical and emotional complexities.

Regardless of our age, depression as well as nervousness can make a great impact on our mind. In fact, depression is identified as the most intimidating issues of this century while a research study states that most individuals may come across this specific problem at any given time during their lifespan. The causes may be genetic, environmental, psychological, economic or spiritual issues. This psychiatric disorder can make any adverse effect. In the US, the frequency of depression is increasing every year and we all know the percentage of victims is increasing at its highest speed.

As it comes to nervousness or anxiety is the basic reaction to trauma. As the problem becomes excessive, it comes under the category of nervousness disorder. Almost 1/4 of people experience a nervous disorder in their lifespan. Such disorders are categorized by physical, behavioral or emotional symptoms, which bring an unpleasant feeling in victims typically referred to as uneasiness, worry or horror. The nervousness is typically exposed through physical symptoms, headaches, muscle aches, trembling, irritability, sweating, muscle tension and more. The generalized anxiety disorders are quite common and may be caused by
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Panic disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder
The treatments for depression/ nervousness
Simply because, no two individuals can be affected by depression and nervousness exactly the same way, there is not one particular way of treatment. This varies widely between persons.
The best is to prevent these conditions by timely self-suggestions, inspirational self help and spiritual upliftment.
Herbal supplements such as those below also help to promote sound sleep and relaxation.

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  1. VemoHerb Ginkgo Hypericum (60 caps)

    € 11,90

    Estratti secchi di Ginko biloba ed erba di San Giovanni

     la concentrazione e l’attività del cervello
     la memoria
     migliora la qualità del sonno
     la conservazione a lungo delle reazioni veloci 
     il ritardo dell’effetto della stanchezza sull’organismo

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  2. VemoHerb Tribulus Forte (60 caps)

    € 19,90

    Estratto secco di Tribulus terrestris bulgaro (Denti della nonna)

      il rinforzo, il ristabilimento e la normalizzazione delle funzioni della ghiandola prostatica e delle altre ghiandole a secrezione interna
      il periodo della menopausa
      l’aumento della libido
      la riduzione del rischio di carcinoma all’apparato genitale ed alle ghiandole mammarie
      il miglioramento delle condizioni fisiologiche e psicoemotive


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  3. VemoHerb Rhodiola Rosea (90 caps)

    € 20,50

    Estratto secco di Rhodiola rosea


     l’aumento dell’energia dell’organismo
     il miglioramento della forma fisica e nelle prestazioni sportive
     l’adattabilità fisiologica all’ambiente
     le funzioni mentali




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Imposta ordine discendente

20 per pagina

3 Prodotti/o